ZANO DRONE, A Palm-Size Nano Drone with HD Action Cam

zano nanoQuadcopter palm-sized drones are Zano Nano weighs just 1.9 ounces. With the GPS feature and moved through an application that is compatible with iOS and Android, users will feel the sensation of flying the Nano Drone Zano is very easy and fun.

For the needs of aerial photography, Drone is equipped with a 5MP camera with the ability to take photos and record HD video resolution which is then stored into the SD memory card. You can also directly monitor what you’re recording in real-time via a smartphone that also displays battery information and altitude drones.

The most prominent of the outside view Nano Drone Zano are LED lights that lined up under the camera. These lights have a double function. Besides being able to display an icon or animation can be created from the application, these lights also serve as a flash if you want to take photos or record video in low lighting conditions.

For flight stability, Drone uses sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer. Zano Nano Drone also apply infrared features that enable it to avoid a collision when set to automatic flight mode. For users who want the sensation of flight manual mode ‘FREE FLIGHT’ will feature a virtual joystick on the smartphone screen that is connected to the device Zano’s Nano Drone. While the mode ‘FOLLOW ME’ will make this Drone follow you wherever you move with sticking to a smartphone as a guide. The drone will also return automatically to the user if the signal is low or used smartphones running out of battery.

Zano Nano Drone battery can last 10 to 15 minutes, but it also depends on the influence of wind, speed, maneuverability and other factors. Because Wi-Fi uses the distance can be also limited Drone


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