Xiaomi Launches Smart Rice Cooker

MI smart Rice cooker

MI smart Rice cooker

smart rice cooker which was recently introduced by Xiaomi is launching a rice cooker clever labeled Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker. the price of smart rice cooker is much more expensive. Xiaomi Party was set smart rice cooker with a tag of 150 USD. And the existence of intelligent rice cooker is also the first step of Xiaomi to go into business, smart appliances that now is sufficiently developed.

 it has the ability to connect directly to a smartphone using WiFi connectivity. Smartphone owners can find out the condition of the rice that was cooked using the application on your phone. And these applications are directly going to be able to identify the origin, type or brand of rice in a rice cooker.

Xiaomi parties said that they belonged smart rice cooker uses magnetic technology to control the pressure inside the rice cooker at 1.2 atmospheric pressure. The rice produced from the heating process using electromagnetic technology is also guaranteed to have a taste more delicious than ordinary rice cooker.


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