Xiaomi drone Will Can Controlled Using Wearable?

Xiaomi drone

Xiaomi drone had been outstanding since last few months. However, until now, there has not leaked any information on the drone-made products Xiaomi. At least now we can see a new leak, which is in the form of patent documents belonging Xiaomi on the technology that will be carried Xiaomi drone.

The drone technology patents on the patent is not new, because it has been registered since last August. Moreover, according to the patent document published recently on the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, drones made by Xiaomi is still in development it reportedly can be controlled through a wearable device.

For example, in the picture revealed by the office, it looks like the user can make a motion to control a variety of functions or control of unmanned aircraft. Xiaomi drone can be connected to devices that belong Xiaomi itself, namely Mi Band. Once connected, users can perform simple movements like a flick of the wrist to control the drone.

we see that the user is depicted riding a bike, but it is also illustrated user is doing some movements to send commands to the drone that was flying in the air. Allegedly the movement could be a signal to blow up the drones were being cycled and start recording a video, through the camera on the drone.

It seems like the movement can really be useful to someone who has a hobby of adventure. Take a picture of drone opens new perspective and provide an opportunity for the user to explore.


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