WISP super Mini Computer no battery needed

ISP which is a continuation of the Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform. As mentioned above, this computer does not use batteries or an electrical outlet as well as a laptop computer or another. Instead, the energy requirements of the computer is supplied wirelessly.
WISP computer has a very small size, to be held only with two fingers. With its tiny, do not be surprised if this machine can be supplied with power very small so that it can be transmitted wirelessly. And as a means of transmission, computer WISP is also just wear ordinary RFID transmitter. WSIPThe ability of these computers can not be compared with any other computer or smartphone. However, the ability of ‘s computer can be juxtaposed with the capabilities of the wearable devices like Fitbit, can be used to carry or transmit sensor data. Other advantages of this tiny computer is that it can be used as a means of communication using a radio signal that works similar to Morse code. Even tiny computer can also be programmed wirelessly know! With these capabilities, WISP’s computer was going to be very useful if used in emergencies when the power source is very minimal conditions.


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