Will Microsoft buy Yahoo ? , i Think so

Microsoft is reportedly ready to become the new home for Yahoo. According to a report quoted by Reuters, discussion related to Yahoo acquisition by Microsoft is still in the initial phase. So for the realization of this acquisition process still takes a long time.
microsoft buy yahoo
Sources from Reuters said that the acquisition by Microsoft will also involve major business within a few years became the backbone of Yahoo. These include Yahoo Mail, News and Yahoo search engines. However there is no information regarding the amount of money that is being prepared by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo’s.

Microsoft and Yahoo are known to have quite a close business relationship. Both companies are also cooperating related search engines and advertising. In addition, Microsoft in leadership Stev era Ballmer also been trying to acquire Yahoo in 2008. At that time, Ballmer set up a fund of 45 billion USD which was unfortunately rejected. But it is certainly different from the situation today. Even was a possibility that the money spent by Microsoft will be smaller than that number.


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