Mikrotik Tutorial : Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) configuration on MikroTik hAP-Lite

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. With this feature the user is expected to have easy to add devices to the wireless network without the need to use the password authentication. WPS can be activated by pressing a button (which may be real or virtual) in the Access Point and the wireless device on the client.

WPS works on the Access Point that has security WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal. Well, for products HapLite (RB941-2n) WPS button becomes one with the Reset button. So, when will activate this feature simply press the reset button.


Step-by-Step Configuration WPS at hapLite
First, we will arrange RB941-2n (HAPLite) into an Access Point (AP). We are setting in wireless mode with apbridge, security profile using WPA / WPA2 Personal, and select push button on wpsmode parameter. For other parameters commonly tailored to the needs that exist.

setting HapLite

The next step, after the configuration on the router has been made, we will try to connect a smartphone device based on Android. However, make sure the first smartphone supports WPS Button feature. We do not need to authenticate by entering a login password. Simply by pressing the WPS button on a smartphone icon.

If there is confirmation of our press as shown above (1 times) WPS button / Reset on RB941-2n (HAPLite) atu can also use the Virtual WPS button on RouterOS. Virtual WPS button WPS Accept

WPS acceptThis feature can be applied to other devices that have been supported by this WPS feature. For MikroTik product, WPS feature is supported on the RBRBMAP and CAP. good luck.


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