Ultrasonic Range detector using Ultrasonic Sensor & Arduino – Tutorial & Sorce Code

ultrasonicelectronic devices that could change the ability of the electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of ultrasonic sound waves. The sensor consists of a transmitter circuit called ultrasonic transmitter and ultrasonic receiver called the receiver. This tool is used to measure the ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic waves are mechanical waves which have the characteristics of longitudinal and typically have a frequency above 20 kHz.

Waves of Utrasonic can propagate through the solid, liquid or gas. Wave Ultrasonic is the wave propagation of energy and momentum mechanics so that propagates through a third element such as interaction with molecules and the nature enersia medium path Proximity sensor ultrasonic PING is a sensor 40 KHz production parallax are widely used for applications or contest intelligent robots and so on to detect the distance a object.

Basically, the PING sensor consists of a chip 40KHz signal generator, an ultrasonic speaker and an ultrasonic microphone. Ultrasonic speaker converts the signals into sounds while 40 KHz ultrasonic microphone is used to detect the reflected sound. PING sensors detect the distance of an object by emitting ultrasonic waves (40 kHz) for tBURST (200 μs) and then detect the reflection. PING sensors emit ultrasonic waves in accordance with the control of the micro controller control (pulse trigger with Tout min. 2 μs).

ping sensorping sensor2

then we assemble the components. The circuit as shown below


The next Library download it here  Install its library in his Arduino IDE. then began to make coding. The following simple coding.

To view the serial monitor open measurement in the Arduino IDE. Application of this program can be used for distance measurement, volume measurement tubs and others. good luck


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