UDOO X86 Mini Pc – more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3

This board computers we say heavy Raspberry Pi challenger 3 because with its specs, its ability is 10 times more potent than the Raspberry Pi 3. This is because the processor used by UDOO X86 already made by Intel’s quad core.
UDOO_x86 microcontroller
UDOO X86 consists of several variants, ranging from Intel Braswell X5-speed 2,00GHz E8000 and 2GB RAM, Intel Braswell N3160 with 2,24GHz speed and 4GB of RAM, as well as the last existing Intel Pentium processor speed 2,56GHz 3710 with 8GB RAM.

With a specification that is qualified as above, it is clear board computer is a lot of uses, such as for multimedia or streaming movies like a DVD player, for office activities, programming and coding, up to the workstation is not in doubt.
Supports Open Source and Open Hardware, UDOO X86 is also equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, and even can be paired with various components of the Arduino. Supported operating systems are also very numerous, ranging from Android, Linux, to Windows 10 can run on X86 UDOO.


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