Tutorial transfer Contact from Android to Iphone

If you recently purchased iPhone and want to replace it with your old Android, it would appear the fear to lose all the contacts in your old Android. Surely you do not need to be afraid because there are 2 ways to move your contacts from Android to iPhone. Following these 2 steps:

Method 1: Transfer Android to iPhone contacts through the SIM Card

This method is one of the simplest forms of transferring contacts to another device.
On your Android device:
Run the Contacts application > Click on the icon menu > Select Import / Exsport > Select Import from SIM Card


Take out SIM card and insert your Android to the iPhone. After SIM Card is inserted:
Go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select Import SIM Contacts

Method 2: Transfer Android to iPhone contacts through the Google Mail (Gmail)
Another easy method to transfer your Android contacts to the iPhone is via Gmail.


From your Android device:
Navigate to Settings> Accounts and Sync
1. Select Google and enter your Gmail username and password
Then let the good Android sync contacts from SIM Card or existing contacts on the device to your Gmail account.
2. Furthermore, on iPhone, you simply need to go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then swipe to the side to choose Import to Gmail.



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