Tutorial Interfacing Delphi and Arduino Digital Temperature

A simple application that we will create, actually includes basic serial communication applications. But I think it would still be helpful to friends friends who are just learning the computer serial communication with the microcontroller. Arduino UNO, the microcontroller will we try as the sender of serial data. The results are received and displayed on the computer monitor.

We select only applications that I’ve posted on the category Arduino, Make Digital Thermometer with Arduino, those who have never read please go first. Only a slight modification, the Arduino program eventually become like this:

arduino thermo

After the upload to the Arduino and LM35 sensor installed next we have prepared a program on the computer, open Delphi 7. Prepare 3 Label, 3 Button, 1 Edit and 1 COM port. Set the properties as follows:

arduino thermo1double-click on the Setup button, write program code:

then click Run >> Setup, select the COM, then click Start, then the result will look like this:

arduino thermo2


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  1. dandi

    Mar 26. 2016

    what the minning the last program, and whre i do that ?

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