Tutorial : How to Send Router Backup Files Automatically Via Email

this time we will give a tutorial perform backup router config and send them by e-mail regularly and automatically. Technically these needs can be fulfilled by using a combination of several commands. Config command to perform backups can be performed through the CLI (command line interface), following the example of his command.

send mail mikrotik

Command is used to store the router configuration with the name Router1.backup

to be sending mail from Router, do the settings SMTP Server and email username and password on the menu / tool email.

send mail mikrotik 2Examples of the use smtp from google and should perform security settings on the google account to be used. It would be better if it uses its own SMTP server. Script Tool is used to determine the command / command to be executed.

send mail mikrotik 3

Add a new script commands to perform the backup router, simultaneously send the backup file to an e-mail experience.

send mail mikrotik 4Adjust parameter send-to with the purpose of your email. To check whether the script is correct, run the script manually by pressing the Run Script.



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