Tutorial : How to Reducing Blackberry Messenger Memory Consumption

This tutorial will discuss how to reduce the use of resources (RAM & Battery) by application of BBM. As we know from the BBM entering the world of Android, he became one of the most popular messenger in Indonesia, possibly also in other countries. So much anticipation user to the application developer is the function rather than efficiency.

As a result with a simple UI that even if the application size ballooned in line with the latest updates and messenger applications other than BBM more spending resources to make the battery does not last long, especially on low-end devices.

the requirements for this trick to work, namely the device has to be at the root because the trick is to modify the application settings of the system. But no need to fear because the modifications that we did with the help of other applications are safe. Tested and proved working.

As seen in the screenshot BBM consumption by a very large RAM, handheld that I use so slow and lag instantaneous, but may use different RAM on each device. But any sophisticated device that we use as much RAM as it is not reasonable for a messenger application. To reduce the burden of the first step is to change a setting in the application of BBM itself is to turn off features that are not important.

bbm setting

bbm setting2

next find application in playstore DISABLE DEVICE, Run and give access to root when prompted. Then on the tab ‘General Apps’ select BBM, there you can see how many total service and being active. Because the goal is only to use the main functions of the BBM then we will kill the other services that consume RAM and suck the battery. Uncheck as shown below.

bbm setting3

Rerun BBM or restart your device and see the difference.

bbm setting4


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