Trident is an Underwater Drone, for Exploring underwater

Trident, a drone that can explore the underwater world freely like drones in general. The idea of the submarine drone is derived from a Kickstarter campaign by OpenROV which started at 3 years ago.

trident droneOpenROV creating a drone is not without a reason of course, the drone with the Trident name is intended to provide a different experience, compared with drones in general are flying high. With the Trident, we can explore the underwater world that previously we never do. Perhaps we fear the depth, or can not swim, but curious about the condition in the sea? Surely the presence of drones is very helpful.
Shape design of drones is similar to a submarine, where there are two propellers on the back, but is shaped like a square box. On the side, there is a rubber which serves as a protective drone of rocks or other objects.

For specifications, Trident can surf in the sea to a depth of 100 meters and can move at a maximum speed of up to 2 meters per second. Trident can move flexibly like a robot fish, and also can move quickly or slowly as you wish controller. For durability, Trident can dive in the sea up to 3 hours.

Drone is also equipped with HD resolution camera to take pictures or record video, so that this drone really gives a different experience than the drone in general. Trident is also equipped with a WiFi device that floats 25 meters of this drone.


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