TP-LINK NC250 HD 24 Hours Security camera spesification

TP-LINK NC250 HDsecurity cameras that can be relied upon that TPLink HD Day / Night Cloud Camera NC250 (TPLink NC250), which can function as a monitoring device for 24 hours straight.

Many of the advantages of cloud-based cameras for Rp.1,1 million. Call it the picture quality catches already HD 720p (H.264 format), which certainly provide a clear display. Moreover, using ¼ inch CMOS sensor that makes the production of increasingly sharp pictures.

TPLink NC250 can also transmit sound good on the microphone. As a result, you will be able to get the real conditions of the object / area to be monitored, such as streaming video plus audio. In addition, this camera also has a night mode (night vision), capable of displaying video (monochrome) with nice, even though the condition of the room / house that is monitored without illumination. From a distance of 15 meters was claimed remains unclear.

TPLink NC250 supported by the application camera” that can run Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded at their respective application stores. With this application, you are using and set the monitoring system on the TP-Link camera NC250 directly from the mobile device. Including monitoring and security cameras catches directly observe in real-time.
Moreover, TPLink camera does have a WiFi connection, to the broader coverage. Can transfer data such as video + audio quickly, up to 300Mbps. And on this device it can also function to extend the coverage area of your wireless network (extender function).


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