Mikrotik Tutorial : How To Configure DHCP Relay step By step

In the MikroTik router has features that serve to distribution management IP address, namely DHCP (Dynamic Host Confguration Protocol). Among the DHCP feature that is supported by MikroTik ... Continue Reading →
HC-SR04 arduino

Arduino Beginner Tutorial – Creating IR proximity sensor with Arduino easily

HC-SR04 is an ultrasonic distance sensor that is quite popular and can be purchased easily and cheaply in the market.  Prices proximity sensor HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging between 20-40 ... Continue Reading →
arduino Apps

Start learning and make a basic Arduino project

This tutorial will discuss about how Programming and Running Arduino, this article is a basic material that must be known in the Programming and Running Arduino due to the material ... Continue Reading →
temperature sensor 3

Tutorial Build LM35 Temperature Sensor Circuit with Arduino

Project this time will create a temperature sensor using arduino as a microcontroller, a LCD temperature data viewer and LM35 temperature sensor that functions as a sensor. Experiment ... Continue Reading →

Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC for Drones

Qualcomm is known as one brand of processor chip SoC (System–on-a–Chip) solutions aimed at mobile devices. But now Qualcomm processor chip products will also be used for ... Continue Reading →

Ultrasonic Range detector using Ultrasonic Sensor & Arduino – Tutorial & Sorce Code

electronic devices that could change the ability of the electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of ultrasonic sound waves. The sensor consists of a transmitter circuit ... Continue Reading →

Tutorial Interfacing Delphi and Arduino Digital Temperature

A simple application that we will create, actually includes basic serial communication applications. But I think it would still be helpful to friends – friends who are just learning ... Continue Reading →