DJI Release Mavic Pro , the camera can record 4K video at 30fps or 1080p

DJI will introduce their latest drone. a user mentions that the folding of the DJI will drone can record up to 4K resolution, the camera is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal. In addition, ... Continue Reading →

GE announced “Raven” Drone Can Detect Gas Leaks

General Electric announced a drone that can detect a gas leak. GE parties also demonstrate the capabilities of the advanced drone. In a demonstration that they do, Raven drone was able ... Continue Reading →

Parrot launches Disco drone with fixed-wing and more feature

Parrot introduces a new drone that have high sophistication named Parrot Disco. These drones have a shape like a miniature plane and capable of flying at high speed. Disco’s ... Continue Reading →

DJI Launched Mavic Pro with Autonomous Landing

DJI finally officially announced their latest drone, Mavic Pro. Previous rumors about the latest drone DJI been circulating in cyberspace, even the drones have similar features with ... Continue Reading →
amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air Test Shipping Package

Amazon Prime Air delivery system was first announced in 2013 and continues to be developed to improve customer satisfaction Amazon. The Amazon-owned delivery system, Prime Air, was ... Continue Reading →
Superdrone DJI and Hasselblad 2

DJI And Hasselblad Unveil medium super Drone camera with 50 megapixel camera

This drone is equipped with a 50 megapixel camera! Drone is the result of a merger between DJI matrices 600 A5D Drone with Hasselblad cameras. DJI also use the drones for its ability ... Continue Reading →
Skeye Nano Drone 2

Skeye Nano Drone, the world’s smallest flexibility drone

Skeye Nano Drone, Drone this one is touted as the world’s smallest drone with dimensions of 4 x 4 x 2.2 centimeters. Although small, shaped quadcopter drone is equipped with cameras ... Continue Reading →