Mikrotik user manager package download for Hotspot

Hotspot is a facility that is most widely used by the proxy .. In Router Mikrotik already provided hotspots.Hotspot is a facility where Internet use requires the user to enter a user ... Continue Reading →
temperature sensor 3

Tutorial Build LM35 Temperature Sensor Circuit with Arduino

Project this time will create a temperature sensor using arduino as a microcontroller, a LCD temperature data viewer and LM35 temperature sensor that functions as a sensor. Experiment ... Continue Reading →

Ultrasonic Range detector using Ultrasonic Sensor & Arduino – Tutorial & Sorce Code

electronic devices that could change the ability of the electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of ultrasonic sound waves. The sensor consists of a transmitter circuit ... Continue Reading →

Tutorial Interfacing Delphi and Arduino Digital Temperature

A simple application that we will create, actually includes basic serial communication applications. But I think it would still be helpful to friends – friends who are just learning ... Continue Reading →
office 2016

Office 2016 for Windows Launch on September 22

iOS is not the only operating system that get Office updates this month. Microsoft will release Office 2016 for Windows on 22 September, offers a number of small but important updates ... Continue Reading →
mikrotik tutorial pdf

Mikrotik Tutorial pdf

for those of you using mikrotik, but still confused in solving the problems we are trying to help you in providing a download link tutorials in various languages on the web wiki mikoritk. ... Continue Reading →

Arduino Uno Clone CH340 / CH341 chipset usb drivers

I just bought a china-made Arduino Clone with very cheap price $ 5. Although cheap possess many pins that we can use to work on the project Arduino Based. Arduino Uno Clone CH340 ... Continue Reading →