Tokyo police to launch anti-drone squad

The increasingly widespread use of drones from year to year. By 2015, the use of drones increased by approximately 50% compared to last year. This is of particular concern for the government. In the previous article, we already know that in the United States, are now required to register drones used, including the users of these drones. Well it will now also apply in Japan as well. Japan reportedly now has formed a special team, to anticipate misuse of drones. One senior Japanese police also said, that the more sophisticated drone development at this time, it is not possible anymore drone can carry a bomb. anti-drone To anticipate this, the Japanese police modifying a drone equipped with nets. Surely these nets are used to injure the drone to be captured. The procedure is quite simple, if known there was a drone flying in the area that is not allowed, then the police would shout, so that the control of the drone drone lowered hers. If still remains, then the police will not hesitate to cripple the drones, and also capture the control of the drone. Paul Haswell as the law firm of Pinsent Masons said that in Japan is now strictly for the use of drones, such as in the area of cost, power generation region, and should not fly more than 150 meters. Even in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, the use of drones in the park has been banned. Given the events of last April, where the office of the Prime Minister of Japan visited by drones containing radioactive. Luckily in this incident no one was injured. Reportedly, a man who controls the drone directly captured in a short time.


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