Tilt Brush App by Google – a 3D painting program that lets your turn the virtual world

googles tilt brushApplication called Tilt Brush, which was launched by Google for those who enjoyed the art world at the same time are interested in a virtual reality world. This software allows us to draw in 3D virtual reality world. Of course the result would be awesome, because all our imagination can we put here.

Google already has a VR headset called Google Cardboard, consisting of cardboard, smartphones, and two lenses. Although created by Google, but Tilt Brush does not support Google Cardboard. Instead, this application supports gaming platform Steam, which supports HTC Vive VR headset.
tilt brush
With Brush Tilt application, you will be taken around a virtual space where you can create art through various brush supplied. The brush can be accessed using controller-based motion control on the headset HTC Vive.


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