Three reported dead in MH.Thamrin Street Jakarta bomb blasts

The bomb blast suspected suicide bomb exploded at Sarinah Thamrin Street, Jakarta, this afternoon on Thursday (01/14/2016). As broadcast by a television station, the bomb that exploded was a suspected suicide bomber. A police officer was killed in the incident.
bomb blast in Jakarta
There has been no official statement from the relevant authorities and the unknown perpetrators blasting. It is estimated that there are four times the explosion at that location. The witness stated that it had been a shooting at that location.


At least three people were reported to have fallen a victim killed by the blast, according to an AFP reportsix blasts have occurred so far. The second blast at 10:53. The third blast just 3 minutes of the second. While the fourth to sixth at 11:02. Witnesses said gunfire, although until now there has been no confirmation of whether some casualties. However, photos taken of citizens showed some people lying on the road.

bomb blast in Jakarta

The police are already on the scene to sterilize the surrounding streets and confront the perpetrator shot. Rappler also received reports of a shooting in the parking lot in front of Starbucks Skyline Building, just across from the police station MH Thamrin street.


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