The Open Source Hardware for Internet Of Things

intel gallileo

intel gallileo

Hardware technology will open the era of the Internet of Things. In particular, both makers of professional and amateur. The technology found in the Intel Galileo and Intel Edison. Intel Galileo is a singleboard computer with an Intel processor and is compatible with the Arduino Quark. With Intel Galileo, creative children not only drawing robots, spaceships or futuristic fashion design. They can be made by following the tips and free software available on the internet.

Equipment which is widely used by the creators of the famous product is now available to the public, for school children, hobbyist or those who have an idea and a desire to tamper with the electronics. Access to this technology can be traced from the rapid increase in the future of open source, which is defined as a physical product development, engines and systems through the use of joint design of public information.

Open source movement that we have seen in the software, is now moving into hardware,” said Edward Ross, director of inventors platform of Intel‘s New Devices Group in a release. It allows people to get access to technology that can be used to make the devices they prefer, ranging from school projects to prototype industrial grade.”

According to Ross Galileo is to learn and create. “Hardware and software is easy to use, compatible with low cost, which is used for Arduino microcontroller and kit makers,” he said




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