The Future of Drones – Ehang 184 is a single-passenger drone

EHang droneConsumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2016 is very interesting is the difference with the 184. Ehang drone drones are usually small and played with the Radio Control (R / C), this plane can be climbed one person to fly for 23 minutes. Instead of shrinking the slightest lego minifig then put Drone by DJI Inspire but EHang 184 is designed large sized about 4.5 feet about the size of a car that could get in the car park and a weight of 200 kg. The body design is also very cool and safe as well as unique with gullwing doors. Dinamo giant electrical work to accelerate maksmimal Dron at speeds of 100 km / h.

EHang say that they are all completely automated drones, passengers can simply enter the data destination via GPS without any manual control during flight. They say this will make it safer by eliminating the most dangerous part of the standard modes of transportation that is human error. It also means that passengers are basically powerless when things go wrong plane, but they claim that it has noted the failure data and security systems of including backup for each state and such drones flying R / C was automatically going to a landing when passengers lives at risk.



  1. ONAGO fly, a tiny Drone with Auto-Follow camera | Microcontroller - February 3, 2016

    […] Drone classified into two kinds, namely drones with small size are usually called nano or mini quad copter, and large drones that have been equipped with advanced features such as intelligent navigation systems and high-resolution camera to take pictures or video. This is ONAGO fly, a new drone that would bridge the gap between the two. This is a mini drone that fits in your hand, but brings features that are commonly found in large-sized drones such as HD video recording, obstacle avoidance, navigation systems, and Follow Me mode. Like the other drones, ONAGO fly can also be controlled via a smartphone based on Android or iOS using a Wi–Fi connection up to 20 meters. This drone can also lock a GPS signal from smartphone users, so the drone can follow users from over a predetermined height while walking, skiing, or anything else. This drone can also avoid obstacles or hindrances from a distance of 20 cm, using a 360-degree infrared sensor that helps drone through the obstacles in the vicinity. In addition, ONAGOfly also carries advanced features such as automatic take-off and landing, and do not miss features Return Home, where drones will return independently where the last time he took off. Despite their small body size, the drone is equipped with video recording features with quality FHD 1080p / 30fps using a powerful 15MP camera. But that should be a record, stabilizer feature on this drone cameras are digital. […]

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