The BlueROV2 Drone – With six thrusters for research & Adventure

BlueROV2 Drone 3This BlueROV2 have the ability to dive to a depth of 100 meters in the water. Owners drone drone can control movement in real time using the application QGroundControl. These applications can run on a tablet or laptop. In addition, these drones can also be made to walk on autopilot by using open source software Pixhawk combined with Raspberry Pi.

BlueROV2 DroneFounder Blue Robotics Rustom Jehangir creators of these drones, as quoted from Gizmag revealed that BlueROV2 has a battery that can last for an hour to use the weight level. If for normal use, these drones can last up to four hours. Jehangir said that the drone had reached 10 kg weight can record SD or HD quality video with an onboard camera.

BlueROV2 Drone 2Drone is sold at a price of 3000 USD for the basic models. Blue Robotics party had already started pre-order services such drones. According to the plan, this drone will be sent to the buyer in August.


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