Start learning and make a basic Arduino project

This tutorial will discuss about how Programming and Running Arduino, this article is a basic material that must be known in the Programming and Running Arduino due to the material subsequently will not be described again this material because it is considered to have mastered how to How Programming and Running Arduino.

This is the initial view when you open arduino, if you will start making the space program, it is necessary to remember that arduino have limited memory to store your program.

Arduino app

Run the program arduino, arduino could from the master files that we store or from an icon on the computer desktop. This will bring up a program with the IDE arduino sketch view according to the date and month when the program starts.

Step ll Compile

After saving the sketch we can immediately run the program that is by clicking symbol sketch Verify or from the menu select the Verify / Compile can be a shortcut Ctrl + R. If successful will verify written Compilling Done.


compiling process

Once we verify / compile some point there must be a mistake or an error message in terms of both writing to syntax errors, because this arduino writing program are case sensitive, so we have to be really careful in typing. Usually the error will be indicated by a yellow color blocks with the mention of the words wrong.


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