Souce Code Home Automation Using Arduino and Ethernet Shield

As its title suggests:
Home Automation Using Arduino and Ethernet Shield then this article will explain the practical steps to be able to run source code Home Automation also Internet Of Things IoT.

A. Software needed:

Download Web Server Xampp :

Download Home Automation Source Code


Arduino Source Code / Sketch

XML  Update PHP


1. Run the program xampp-win32 control until completion

2. Copy the contents of the folder-souce code to
c: xampp htdocs
3. open the folder c: xampp
there is a file xampp-controls.exe and call
run there there will be:
Apache [Start]
Press the [Start] button

4. Open Browser
Type http: //localhost/class.php
(If successful there will be a picture Control (ON / OFF)

(Note: IP PC opened should be set to
          ethernet Shield IP

B. Hardware Required
1. Insert the Power Stacker into Plugs AC-220
2. Connect the LAN to a PC or to a HUB
3. If the light does not flash LAN press the [Reset]
(Location right next LAN)
4. Try the test by pressing the ON / OFF button in Browser
if successful there will be sound Click on Relay

If you want to change the IP in Ethernet Shield
1. Plug the USB
2. Install Driver USB
3. Install arduino-1.6.8-windows.exe
4. Run Aruino
5. Open the file in the folder source-code



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