Sony introduce Xperia Agent Is A Robotic Personal Assistant

Xperia AgentXperia Agent is a personal assistant robot that can be controlled using voice commands, such as virtual assistants who are on a mobile device. This robot can provide quick and accurate answers that are relevant to the query.

Assistant robot has a shape and cute, glance also appears to resemble Amazon Echo. The purpose of the robot assistant is that in the future these robots can be connected or integrated with automation devices in your home. Thus, the user can characterize voice commands or gestures to perform common things such as turning off the lights or adjust the thermostat temperature.

In contrast to the Echo, features automatic camera mounted on it can rotate, making it possible to see and identify the people in the room. It is also equipped with a projector that offers some visual feedback.

Sony Xperia Agent hope this can allow users to free themselves from their mobile devices and perform activities that are more casual, which is a natural interaction with technology in their homes like talking to a household assistant.


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