Smart Grid technology is a base part of the Smart Energy Smart City

Smart Grid technology is a base part of the Smart Energy Smart City

Smart Grid technology

Smart grid is a smart electricity grid capable of integrating actions or activities of all users, ranging from power plants to consumers in order to make efficient, sustainable, economic and secure electricity supply

smart grid for smart Energy

smart grid for smart Energy

Management and maintenance of sustainable electricity infrastructure networks via an integrated smart grid system must start from upstream to downstream. In many developed countries the reduction goal fossil energy use and climate change, the use of smart grid is integrated where patterns smart grid in addition to reducing carbon gas pollution also for the management of the electricity that is effective and efficient. Although building the system requires concentration and commitment to high costs, but the results achieved in accordance with what has been issued.

The majority of power plants operating in the world uses fossil fuel as fuel. In fact, the fossil fuel reserves have been dwindling and is expected to soon run out. At the World Economic Forum 2010, revealed that the coal-fired power plants in the US accounted for 40% of carbon emissions in the country. The availability of sufficient electrical energy is essential to sustain human life.

Implementation of the Smart Grid

The big problem at the top forced to quickly finding the best solutions that make sense. SMART GRID be the answer since the last 3 years. SMART GRID governance is a concept electric energy that can acomodate the role of small power plants fueled renewable energy optimally. This earth has many sources of renewable energy potential such as sunlight and wind. Almost all renewable energy sources are scattered and located very close to the consumer. Logic beginning of the development of SMART GRID technology is trying  may empower any available on this earth. In general, this concept can produce several benefits including increased efficiency of electrical energy use, increasing reliability of electric power systems, reducing carbon emissions and support the utilization of renewable energy sources to be optimized.

SMART GRID consists of three essential elements, namely information technology, telecommunications and electric power. Three elements work together to allow 2-way communication between the utility company as PLN with consumers. With SMART GRID, the transfer of electrical energy that occurs not only on the provider of electricity to the consumers, but also vice versa. If you find that the consumer has a solar cell that can generate electricity from sunlight, then when the electrical energy from the solar cell that exceeded the huge needs of the consumer, then the consumer can send electrical energy to the existing grid. Consumers can get money from the utility company on the matter.

With the technology of SMART GRID Similarly, consumers will be possessed full control to regulate their electrical energy consumption. Sensors and automatic control technology in the SMART GRID allows setting the activation of consumer electrical appliances automatically by considering the number of existing power enegri. For instance, when daylight which can produce electrical energy from sunlight is large enough, then the washing machine and some other heavy equipment can be activated. And when the supply of the sunlight began to decline, then the control will reduce the electrical energy consumption is not so vital as air conditioning. The technology will not only be placed on the consumer side but also on the side of the grid. If there is damage or problems in an electrical energy transmission line, then the delivery of electrical energy is converted through other channels provided so that power outages can be minimized. All data recorded on the sensor will be sent to the utility company to be processed in order to determine the development strategy in the future.
Many developed countries such as Germany and the United States are beginning to apply this concept. World Economic Forum 2010 also revealed that SMART GRID is able to reduce carbon emissions by 25% in the country. It is time the world more intensively implement and develop this technology in order to reduce the impact of global warming.

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