Skype Launch robots to deliver parcels to your home

courier robotat this time development of robotic helpers are being made, such as delivering goods from the store to home. One of them is Google that has been invested in the project drones to deliver the goods the buyer’s order, but one of the founders of Skype believes that the future of robotics is on the ground, not flying like drones.

They believe a small fleet of autonomous robots could soon be present in the vicinity and familiar in general lines, help with chores and bring the groceries. Companies that pursue technology, Starship Technologies is preparing a prototype to test the robots delivery or self-driving in London and some states of the United States in the year 2016
“When you make reservations online, instead of goods sent by someone who comes to your door, but you will get it with the robot,” says Ahti Heinla, the founder and CEO at Starship Skype Technologies.

The ability of these robots can carry items weighing the equivalent of two shopping bags and can complete a short distance delivery within 5 to 30 minutes of a retail store. Heinla explained that this robot is not designed for long-range order, but is specifically designed to complete the delivery to reach a distance of only a few miles.
For walking, a delivery of each robot will be equipped with navigation software and avoidance of obstacles. Robot overall or 99% move and operate control independently. But also monitored by a human operator who can ensure safety at all times.

When a packet is ready to be sent using the robot, the customer can track in real time on their smartphones with the sort code receipt in a conventional package. After that, when you arrive at the destination address, customers can use the smartphone to open the safety compartment to retrieve their belongings.


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