SKEYE Pico Drone, Tiny and Lively

SKEYE Pico Drone, with a regular shape and size can be relatively small, perhaps a lot of the majority of the readers wondered what the drones can be as small as this? Most also just plain can fly, like drones cheap in general.of the outstanding news Thursday, this size is very small, about 2 fingers wide total. But this drone capable of flying in acrobatic and fly swiftly, like drones racing is much more expensive.
SKEYE Pico  Drone is able to maneuver like a roll to the right or left side, flip or turn from top to bottom, and shot at a narrow angle though. This tiny drones capable of flying for approximately 8 minutes, and charging can power through the USB slot available. In addition, drones is also equipped with LED lights that are useful when used night, and has 3 levels of operation.

For storage place is unique, because it has a small size, storage space can be placed inside the control device of this drone. Drone is priced very friendly, which is about $ 39


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