Securing your Mikrotik Wireless Network with Security Profile & Access List

Security is crucial and must be considered when we build a network, especially wireless networks. Wireless network because it can be seen, known, and accessible to anyone. So should we implement certain security systems in this wireless network. following which you can apply to the proxy settings that are not easily hacked and stay safe.

1. security Profile setting

Security Profile is one of the features on Mikrotik to add authentication method uses dynamic key encryption: WPA / WPA2 and static key: WAP. The use of encryption is recommended that WAP2 PSK + TKIP + aes con. To enter this feature can be through menu Wireless –> Security Profiles.

mikrotik secure1

And to activate the security profile is entered into the Wireless menu > WLAN > Wireless tab > Security option Profile –> change the default with the Security Profile that has been made.

mikrotik secure 2

If the Security Profile using the Security Configuration Profile on AP and Client should be the same, if different then it will not be able to connect.

2. setting Access List and Connect List

Access List is a filter authentication is an AP (Access Point mode) to the client is connected. With the Access List AP can filter any device that may / can connect to the AP based on its MAC address. So Access lists are used in the AP to determine which clients are allowed to connect to the AP.

mikrotik secure 3

Connect List is a filter authentication is a wireless client (Station mode) to the AP which you want to connect. Connect with the AP list can then be determined which can be connected to a client based on its MAC address.

mikrotik secure 4

If you want to use this feature then we must uncheck the default option on the menu Authenticate Wireless tab. good luck, I hope you succeed and wirelles your network safer.


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