Scribble Pen – First Color Picker Pen more than 16Million different colour

A startup company from California, USA, introduced Scribble Pen, unique pen with ink tubes and scanners that can emulate any color. Scribble Pen usage is very easy, you just need to press the sensor on the top of the pen and point to anything that you want to imitate the color. For example, if you paste Scribble Pen on an apple, the apple color will be scanned by the color sensor and will be passed by a microprocessor that is used to produce color.
For those of you who like sketching or who works as an artist or designer would be very inconvenient if you have to bring stationery with different colors. Scribble Pen With this you only need to carry one device that can deliver millions of colors at your fingertips. Results of colors that have been embedded in this unique pen will be stored in the memory capacity of 1 GB which can be used whenever needed without having to scan the object back.
Scribble Pen can be applied to graphic processing software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and other similar software. Devices that use rechargeable batteries can be used for 15 hours with just one charge. Pena unique is also available in three variants of the model, the model pen with ink cartridge refill for $ 249, a model stylus that can be used on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity for $ 119 and models of multifunction costing $ 300 which can be used both on the surface of the paper or smartphone or your tablet.


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