SAP Unveils SAP HANA Cloud for IoT

SE SAP has launched SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Internet of Thing (IOT), a new comprehensive service is the result of collaboration with Siemens and Intel. Collaboration by adding a strong SAP partner ecosystem, which has grown to include the recent announcement by Jasper, Accenture, and TSystems, according to SAP in a press release.



SAP helps customers reorganize their business from core business operations up to the edge of the network with the Internet of Things solution that has the most comprehensive portfolio, “said Steve Lucas, President, Platform Solutions, SAP.

With the launch of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Internet of Things, SAP customers and partners can now connect to the applications or any business process in the company and their business networks. This will achieve operational excellence and provide new experiences for customers, products, and services,” said Lucas. Cloud Platform for SAP HANA IOT provides the infrastructure that enables business to safely enter the millions of network connected devices.

IOT services from SAP supports cost efficiency, development, deployment, and operation of SAP solutions for the fast IOT. For private cloud deployment is aimed at enabling SAP customers in running their cloud device or operate the device cloud for their customers.


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