Samsung’s Artik 10 board computer, a challenger to Raspberry Pi 3

Samsung Artik 10 sSamsung has also released a computer with a size not much different, that would rival the existence of Raspberry Pi. mentioned that Samsung has just released a mini computer similar to Raspberry Pi 3, Arctic 10. By the same measure that can be said, Samsung Artik 10 is likely to be a tough competitor Raspberry Pi 3.

Talk user, Samsung Artik 10 is certainly not much different from the Raspberry Pi 3, where the mini computer can be applied to various smart devices, such as drones and robots. Moreover, the Internet of Things era that has been increasingly rampant, Samsung’s Arctik 10 as if to answer those needs.

Samsung Artik 10For specifications, Samsung Artik 10 is quite powerful for the class of mini computer, such as the use of a processor with 8 core alias octa core of the ARM 32 bit. For a configuration similar to the smartphone, which has a cluster dual quad core ARM Cortex A15 at speeds of 1.5GHz and quad core Cortex A7 with a speed of 1.3GHz. While the RAM size is similar to Raspberry Pi 3, which is equal to 2GB LPDDR3 types.

Armed with 16GB of flash memory, Samsung is also carrying the Arctik 10 graphics processors from Mali T628 GPU alias MP6. Stated that with this GPU, Samsung Arctic 10 can render HD video files up to 120 fps, in contrast with the Raspberry Pi 3 are only able to achieve 60 fps.

Samsung reportedly Artik 10 will be priced at 99 USD or about 1.4 million rupiah, the price is pretty good when compared to the Raspberry Pi 3, which is only priced at around 500 thousand rupees. For others, Samsung Arctic 10 is also equipped with an HDMI port, micro USB and GPIO pin 51 pin.


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