Samsung unveils new Flexible Batteries

Currently the existing battery of an electronic device you always have the form of a solid and inflexible. Although currently there are plans to create a liquid battery, but it is still not the case in the near future. But recently, Samsung created an interesting battery, wherein the battery has a shape that is flexible so that it can be bent.
samsung's flexyble battery
Samsung just show two prototype battery is flexible named Stripe and Band. Stripe battery has a thinner size than the band, which is the size of 0.3 mm. As for the band he has a thicker gauge, but the battery is designed to be applied on smartwatch as well as be able to increase the life span of the battery reaches 50%.

With battery design that is flexible, then later wearable device can be made with a design that is much more interesting. And besides that, too, may eventually also be made of various other smart devices such as smart necklaces, headbands clever, or maybe smart clothes.

Although currently still a prototype, but at least it is expected to be implemented in a relatively short time.


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