Samsung release tiny Portable SSD T3

Market SSD (Solid State Drive) portable seems quite promising. The proof, Samsung continue to produce SSD devices by releasing a series SSD T3. Previously been present T1 series SSD with a storage capacity of 1 TB. For this alone could save more than 1,000 movies to 1080p resolution.
SSD samsung
SSD T3 comes with a simple design and small dimensions, 74 x 58 x 10.5 mm and weighing only 51 grams. Compatible with USB 3.1 and 2.0. Consisting of several variants including a storage capacity of 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 GB. The data transfer speed of 400 Mbps, aka quadrupled compared with ordinary HDD.

Devices on display at CES and it won the title of the Wireless Handset Accessories category. Material made of aluminum skin resilient. Samsung previously had tested fell (drop test) up to a height of two meters and still excellent.You can easily reset the password for data security. Samsung itself is ready to sell to the market in February 2016. You can connect to a laptop, tablet, smartphone until smartTV.


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