Samsung Exynos 8890 SoC claimed Fastest processors in the World

samsung exynosAt the end of 2015 we are presented with a variety of information about a device from Samsung Galaxy S7, which is still confusing in cyberspace. But many say that the smartphone will replace the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + brings the latest SoC from Samsung, Exynos 8890. Not much information on the performance of the SoC as the leak itself does not exist.

But recently there is a screenshot which shows the results of the performance of the SoC Samsung Exynos 8890. The results of outstanding screenshot shows that Samsung Exynos SoC has AnTuTu benchmark test scores were very out usual.

The screenshot shown on the assessment scores of 103 692 points. Surely this score becomes the highest score in the test application. Even SoC from Huawei that previously had outperformed SoC from Samsung Exynos 7420, Kirin 950, also lost heavily latest SoC Samsung. When compared with Kirin SoC 950, Samsung Exynos 8890 is superior to around 15,000 points, are quite significant.

Samsung itself reportedly modifies itself 4 main cores they called Mongoose M1. To keep using the other 4 core ARM CortexA53 design as “Little”. This is the first time conducted by South Korean companies since they penetrated in the world chipset for smartphones.

Although it has been incised figure which is fantastic, there are many rumors saying that their rivals, Qualcomm with its Snapdragon 820 may have a score that is not much different, given the leaks of this SoC until now has not existed.


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