Samsung announces new 950 Pro SSD

Samsung recently introduced a new SSD called 950 Pro, and this SSD will have an incredible speed. This drive is the first time, that comes with the vertical NAND technology to consumers. And SSD memory is non-volatile SSD Express M.2, with a size of M.2 2280.

This SSD will be offered in two capacities, 256 GB capacity is offered at $ 199.99, while the size of 512 GB is offered at a price of $ 349.99. And thanks to the support of Gen.3 PCIe x4 interface, this SSD SATA will be able to provide exceptional speed.

950 pro
Samsung 950 Pro with a capacity of 512 GB, he has reached the sequential read speed reaches 2.5 GB / s, and write speeds up to 1.5 GB / s. While the in the case of random access, it is able to deliver 300,000 read IOPS and 110,000 write IOPS.

This drive uses the second generation of Samsung MLC V-NAND 32-layer 128 GB supported with UBX controller and magician software. In addition, he also has a Disk Encryption AES 256-bit and something called Dynamic Thermal Guard, which seems to be protecting the device and its data also when he was exposed to temperatures ranging from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius.

950 Pro can withstand shocks up to 1500 G / 0.5 ms and vibration 20G, and to guarantee the goods reach five years for both capacity. Untuuk 256 GB models he will be able to reach 200 terabytes written, while the 512 GB he could reach 400 terabytes written. Both SSDs will be available in October.


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