Ruckus Wireless launches smart Wi-Fi AP

Ruckus Wireless launches a new access point that is suitable for small business environment, the Ruckus Unleashed. This product is available in two models of the access point, the Zone Flex R500  and R600 Unleashed. In addition, these products are designed are customized to help small business owners in order to develop its business, provide the best experience for customers, manage expenses and costs, and supports the use of a variety of handheld devices with minimal IT staff.

ruckus APAccording to Chief Operating Officer Ruckus Access Point Unleashed align arena for local businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants, as well as helping them to provide WiFi experience of high quality for customers and employees at a cost of ownership far lower. We are eager to help the owners of small firms to have WiFi with good performance and affordable, with the installation process easy and simple maintenance.

Access point Unleashed has the capability controller default, including the access control user (user access controls), the functions of networking guest (guest networking functions), securing WiFi sophisticated (advanced WiFi security) and traffic management (traffic management ). In addition, these products can also accommodate up to 25 access points as part of a single network location.

According to IDC Research Analyst Network Infrastructure, Nolan Greene The devices smart this time has played an important role in influencing the decision-making and consumer behavior. WiFi networks have become an absolute requirement for customers and employees in small firms, but the owners of companies are often hampered in their efforts to provide reliable network and business standards with a limited budget.


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