Robo-bee, A Tiny Drone like an insect

Robo-beeRobo-bee is drone which has a very small size, even perhaps the smallest in the world. The size of these drones only for coins only. Besides being able to fly, Robo-bee also claimed to be able to perch or perch like a real bee. With its capabilities, these drones can be used for a search or rescue operation.
Robo-bee drone
Robo-bee can have this capacity thanks to a phenomenon known as electrostatic adhesion, a process similar to the static-charged balloon that allows the stick to the wall.
Robo-bee drone spec
Dr Mirko Kovac, director of Aerial Robotics Laboratory of Imperial College, London, claimed that the robot is currently undergoing trials in environmental monitoring and disaster relief efforts. With the ability to fly and very small size, of course, these drones do not have a lot of power supply, so that floated around will not be too efficient in the long term.


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