Review Mikrotik RB Routerboard 941-2nD (HAP Lite)

Review Mikrotik RB Routerboard 941-2nD (HAP Lite)


This time MikroTik issued a new router products that RB941-2nD or can be called by HAP-Lite. This product is so phenomenal because it is priced at no more than $ 300 thousand. Maybe there will be a question on our minds about the performance of this router with low prices. Well, for that we’ll do a little review of the performance of RB941-2nD (HAP-Lite) is.

Mikrotik Hap Lite

Mikrotik Hap Lite

This router is one type routerborad 900 series which allows it to be used in all conditions. With the support of a wide range of features RouterOS, this router can be installed in the office or at home.

For the power supply requirements, RB941-2nD use the new power standard is MicroUSB 5v. Thus RB941-2nD may be possible to use a charger of mobile phone / smartphone can even use POWERBANK in general.


In general, features that are on relatively equal RB941-2nD with indoor router variants other 900 series, including the 650MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, and is equipped with RouterOS level 4. However, for larger media storage is only 16MB NAND and have an ethernet port as 4 Fast-Ethernet. Then, RB941-2nD also not equipped with PoE and PoE-In-Out so that the power supply is limited. There are differences on this router than the router which se-variant or another series of indoor router, ie on RB941-2nD using the new platform that is Smips and only support the winbox v3.x.

embedded Wireless

As with any wireless network RB951-2n for RB 941-2nD (HAP-Lite) is also equipped with 1 piece embedded access point is Build-in 2.4Ghz Wireless (802.11b / g / n) with Internal Antenna Dual-Chain 2 x 1, 5dBi. By looking at these specifications, this router is capable of supporting the needs of the wireless network on a small scale. When used as an Access Point can reach a distance of approximately 20-30m without a hitch. Our experimental results in indoor environments with walls and several rooms hitch, the range of the router’s wireless signal can reach the effective distance of about 10 meters.


Component Mikrotik Hap Lite

Component Mikrotik Hap Lite

Same with RB750 series, RB941-2nD also equipped with a Switch-Chip, making it possible to utilize this as a router ethernet interface devices like switches. With the switch chip features we can set the previous ethernet interface are routed network into a network switch.


After seeing a brief description of the features possessed by RB941-2nD above, maybe we are still unsure of the performance of this router for operational purposes. We have performed experiments on this router to perform test upload and download bandwidth is done by 20 clients simultaneously. With a total throughput bandwidth of 20Mbps and mangle and queue trees 20 each client with bandwidth of 1Mbps.

Performance Mikrotik Hap Lite

Performance Mikrotik Hap Lite

The results are quite satisfactory. With CPU resource usage rather small, RB941-2nD able to handle traffic at 20Mbps with the same used by 20 clients. So, this router is adequate for operational use in networking everyday SOHO network (Small Office Home Office).
Connections With Micro-control

Because the price is cheap, then this tool is suitable for use as a network device that can control microcomputer control, such as arduino Uno. That requires a network such as Ethernet Module Card Module.


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  1. Rudolf Byker

    Jun 17. 2015

    Can the ethernet ports be used as 4 separate interfaces?

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  2. Renel

    Sep 05. 2015

    How many wan does it have? and Does it support dual WAN Bonding? TIA

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  3. Name (required)

    Feb 25. 2016

    Can it be used as wireless Router

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  4. Sujon

    Oct 18. 2016

    I have 15Mbps international bandwidth. YouTube bandwidth 40Mbps and local bandwidth 60Mbps. almost 50 user. Different speed allocated to client. Now tell me this router handel my those requirement. Thanks in advanced.

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