Review Micro AP (Map-2n), Smallest AP With RouterOS

Micro AP (Map-2n) review

MUM Italy end of last February 2014, MikroTik introduced several new products, a product indoor smallest wireless router with a full feature typical RouterOS. Let’s welcome a newcomer in Mikrotik, by the name Micro AP (Map-2n). Comes with a small size and stylish design with LED indicator.

Designed with a smaller form, but the hardware specifications is qualified as a wireless router in its class. Can also function as a mobile Router / Access Point. Mobile router here means it can be moved moved because berfisat flexible. However, despite its quite small, with RouterOS Level 4 license that is drilled into the router, MAP2n able to meet your networking needs. Equipped with similar RB750 processor and RAM makes MAP2n suitable for personal / home / SOHO routers. In software and hardware, pre-existing features can be found on the MAP2n. For example PoE-In, USB Port, PoEOut, bandiwdth management, firewalls and so on. Has two ethernet ports and a built-in wireless complete with an internal antenna, so it can be used for both wired and wireless distribution.

Poe and Poe-InOut
MAP2n-in PoE function on ether1, and PoEOut on ether2 which can provide power for other devices. Poe-In means that the router can receive power through the network cable (UTP), so without the need for a power jack that is directly plugged into the router. This will facilitate when the router is placed in a location away from the power jack. PoeOut on ether2 serves to provide power to other devices as well as through UTP cable.
Micro USB
MAP2n has a Micro USB port which can which has a variety of functions. One function that is quite unique, not only for the MicroUSB Modem / storage alone, but on the MAP2n This port can be used provide power to the Router. We tried to connect the MAP2n with Laptop, and the results of MAP2n can be lit with power from the USB port.
MAP2n more flexible, without using a 220v power source, simply use your laptop or POWERBANK course, the router was able to walk. In addition they can be used to receive power, micro USB can also be used should the USB port on the router proxy, such as for additional storage, even for dial USB modem. Here’s a screenshot of our experiments using CDMA modem. Dial uses PPP features, and the Internet of the modem can be shared by MAP.
Micro AP (Map-2n) review 2

Micro AP (Map-2n) review 2

embedded Wireless
Wireless router is also qualified for the small-scale wireless network, similar to the built-in wireless on RB951-2n. Our experimental results by making the MAP as an access point in an outdoor location without a hitch, the effective signal can be up at a distance of 20-30 meters. Built-in wireless and Antenna in MAP2n that support wireless N router makes wireless mini increasingly attractive.
Unfortunately, not give certainty when this product will be distributed. So is the price range. Hopefully, middle or end of 2014 has been released.


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