Raspberry Pi or Arduino : Which One Would You Choose?

raspberry vs arduino

raspberry vs arduino

Raspberry Pi (RPI) is a computer, both in capabilities and specifications. This product has all the necessary requirements to be called a computer”. RPI has a CPU, RAM, graphics chip, input and output ports for various devices, as well as capable of running an operating system designed specifically for him. This makes the RPI can run various activities according to the needs and desires of its users.

Although no data storage, RPI can be fitted with an SD card / microSD which can function like data storage as well. This ability is also likely to make it very flexible, which can change functions quickly, for example, from a desktop computer (based Raspbian) to multimedia player (based OSMC) simply by removing the SD or microSD card. We can also perform remote management using SSH RPI like on a Linux-based desktop computers.


Unlike the RPI, which is a tiny PC, Arduino is only a micro controller. So, Arduino is not a computer. Arduino is not running an operating system, but only running lines of program code that is understood by its firmware. We could not run SSH or surf the web using the Arduino. Like the calculator, the Arduino will immediately execute a variety of commands are executed when we turn it on and will stop when we revoke its program.

The main objective is the use Arduino as a liaison between the various sensors with the device. Therefore, Arduino hardware is suitable for a variety of projects where we wanted to react immediately in order for a device based on input from sensors or other manual input. For example, we use Arduino to control a motor that drives the door to close when the sensor detects the rain began to fall. Of course, we also can use the RPI for this purpose. However, using a mini computer with computing capabilities good enough for the purposes of such simple look somewhat redundant and inefficient.
so the answer to the question choose Arduino or Raspberry Pi?” is, depending on our needs if we need a device to sound an alarm when the robbers kicked the front glass window, we need Arduino. Conversely, if we need a device to play various multimedia files us or bring us to surf the internet, we can choose to use the Raspberry Pi. Both can be regarded as complementary, supporting each other functions. We could choose one of them according to the needs or use them when we need it.


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