Raspberry Pi 2 : faster processor than ever

Raspberry Pi today can be used for various purposes. its small size and low price. And now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation also launched a new tiny computer called Raspberry Pi 2.

Raspberry pi 2Minicomputer became the largest hardware update performed by Raspberry Pi Model B Foundation since its launch in 2012. And although there are various enhancements, this tiny computer still priced at a low price, which is equal to $35.

Raspberry Pi 2 comes with a Broadcom BCM2836 quad-core processor ARM CortexA7. The chip has a speed of 800 MHz and can be overclocked to 900 MHz. In addition, a small computer is also equipped with 1GB of RAM. The chip also continue to use the GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV as seen in the original version of the Raspberry Pi.

The use of the processor chip is also claimed to have a 1.5 times higher rate for single thread. And because it has four cores, the chip that provides increased performance up to 6 times compared to the first generation Raspberry Pi.


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