Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC for Drones


Qualcomm is known as one brand of processor chip SoC (Systemon-aChip) solutions aimed at mobile devices. But now Qualcomm processor chip products will also be used for product robot drones. Companies from the United States that had been officially revealed the existence of Flight Snapdragon processor aimed specifically for drone.

The technology used by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chip Flight is also not kidding. They use Snapdragon processor 801 as a base workmanship Snapdragon processor Flight. As is known, Snapdragon processor chip 801 is a product aimed at the high end smartphone products with four core processor speed of 2.26 GHz.

In addition, the processor chip is also equipped with several features. Among them is a digital signal processor that function as flight control in real-time, WiFi and Bluetooth. Not to forget, SoC chip is also equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System receiver and the ability to process the 4K video.

Steps taken by Qualcomm is also quite interesting. Especially at this time in the smartphone segment, the dominance of Qualcomm started deterred by the presence of MediaTek processor is now also started targeting the high end smartphones with his Helio series processors. On the other hand, the current use of drones started to increase.

In addition, Qualcomm‘s presence will also be placed between the low drone of products with high end drone. Moreover, a system owned by drone simpler when compared to a smartphone. Drones do not require smart technology. A drone can be run using the existence of quality motor and the batteries last long. These two factors became the main attraction of a drone.


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