Power Egg – a unique egg-shaped drone

A Chinese technology company called PowerVision drones now raises a very interesting product. Drone named PowerEgg it has a shape like a giant egg, about the size of an ostrich egg.

power egg drone

power egg drone

These drones has the ability to fly as well as other drones. At the time turned off, the blades on this drone will be automatically folded. Meanwhile when ignited, will be revealed the existence of four blades that can make these drones. Meanwhile at the bottom of this PowerEgg are 360 degree panoramic camera. With these capabilities, this PowerEgg can provide video in real time and can also be used as sensors for navigation in indoor spaces.

A unique shape like an egg also provides an easy to carry everywhere. PowerVision CEO Wally Zhen said that PowerEgg is designed with beautiful and functional form. In addition, these drones also have the ease of operation. Even the Powervision claims that a child aged five years can operate drone via remote control.


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