Pillo is a home health robot, it can dispense medication for you

Pilo Health robotPillo is a robot personal health. Basically, Pillo would work like when you combine the service assistant Siri and drug dispensers. The robot then will excrete drugs that you need as well as offering medical advice.

Pillo is able to recognize different people in one household using facial recognition technology and then interact with and removed pills that are suitable for each individual at the time required.

In addition, the robot is also able to connect with healthcare professionals, bringing the command auto-refill, connect with your other smart devices such as mobile phones, tablet, or smartwatch to enable notifications, and to answer your health questions.

Pillo team has plans to expand the functionality of Pillo if these projects get funding entirely. In the future they hope to add features calorie counter, stress management, monitoring a baby, reports digital health, and nutrition information boards.


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