PhoneDrone Ethos, transform the smartphone into a drone

PhoneDrone Ethos, transform the smartphone into a drone, equipped with many features such as those held by the drones on board. How it works is quite simple, just put the smartphone into the space provided. This project is currently still in development and fundraising, on the website Kickstarter.phonedrone
Xcraft itself says that it is not necessary expertise in playing drones to fly PhoneDrone this Ethos. They also said, why have expensive smartphone with powerful processors, but not maximized? By PhoneDrone Ethos, we will get to experience that never got to maximize the functionality of smartphones.

With features that support the application, the camera of the smartphone that is on the device PhoneDrone Ethos can be enjoyed by any other device, with WiFi connection. Drones can also be controlled in smart devices such as smartwatch, for example, be used to take pictures. In addition, the size of which could be considered small drones for the smartphone is easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

phonedrone1There is also a mirror for a smartphone camera embedded in PhoneDrone Ethos, so we were able to take photos straight down, sideways, or forward. For those who are concerned about its smartphone at an altitude, Xcraft had planted some parts of the protective order to protect smartphones currently on PhoneDrone Ethos. But for those who still doubt, drones supports all types of smartphones, including smartphones for 500 thousand rupiah alone. Drone also supports over 2,000 smartphone, with the iOS or Android operating system.


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