Pepper The Robot, ready to assist your business

Human-shaped robot named Pepper The Robot, a warm conversation related to sales success. According to Softbank Corp Robotics company is the creator of sophisticated robots, robot 1000 units sold out in just a few minutes at its launch in Japan.

With a height of around 40 feet or approximately 1.2 M and weighing 61 pounds or about 28 kg, Pepper designed to be able to recognize the voice and facial expressions when interacting with humans. Pepper The robot is designed to make you happy,” said Kaname Hayashi, Project Manager Robotics Softbank Corp.

With a variety of cameras, touch sensors, accelerometers, and a variety of other sensors, Pepper was able to recognize various human emotions. Pepper The robot was created not as a robot workers, but more as a friend emotionally to a human companion. Pepper may have influenced his own emotions by facial expressions and the expression of the saying of those around him. Pepper would feel comfortable if it is close to the people he knew, happy when praised and feared if it is in a dark room.
Developers Pepper The robot is also said that the robot is also not free from errors, but you can bet these robots can learn and develop to collect data over time to machine his own emotions. Pepper The robot has the ability to speak English, French, Japanese and Spanish.


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