Parrot launches Disco drone with fixed-wing and more feature

Parrot introduces a new drone that have high sophistication named Parrot Disco. These drones have a shape like a miniature plane and capable of flying at high speed.
Disco’s drone does not have the ability to levitate hover alias. Nor is equipped with the ability to fly backwards or indoor. But there are other advantages that can be visited on this drone. Parrot Party said that it was his Disco drone capable of flying at speeds reaching 80 km per hour. Not only fast, this drone also has a high battery life. A single charge, the battery drone can last up to 45 minutes.

mini aircraft is also equipped with the ability to take off or land automatically. This feature is certainly very helpful for those who are still learning to fly a drone. In addition, there are two types of controllers that can be used to regulate the movement of this Disco Parrot drone. The first controller is Parrot Skyconttroller 2 that does not change as a regular joystick. Well, the second controller is called by the name of Parrot Cockpitglasses provide a different experience.
The controller is shaped like a VR headset, allowing users to control drone-style first person view. Would like to be in the drone deh! Hanpdhone used, can Android or IOS. In addition, this drone also has a sturdy design and lightweight, made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) reinforced with carbon.
Drone is equipped with wings measuring 22 x 45 inches that can not be removed. Also a very lightweight, only 0.7 kg. Not to forget, the drone is equipped with a full HD 14MP camera on the front. In addition, there is also 32GB of internal memory as a data storage device.


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