Orange Pi PC, Small Single Board Computer now available on $15

OrangePiOrange Pi, yes that is the name of this tiny computer. Orange Pi PC is a single board computer which is smaller than a regular computer, and can be directly used as in it has embedded micro processor and RAM. Most single board computer used for robotics or home automation.

Orange Pi powered PC processor of Allwinner H3 already quad-core, also paired with 400MP2 Mali graphics processor that can play video resolutions up to 4K, and 1GB of RAM. Orange Pi PC is also equipped with HDM and AV sockets, socket LAN, 3 USB 2.0 connector, a micro USB connector, an infrared transmitter, a microphone, and a micro SD slot for storage media.

OrangePi In addition, there are also 40-pin compatible with the accessories of the Raspberry Pi, CSI interface for the camera, and LED indicators that show power and status in this Pi Orange.

Orange Pi PC can be installed operating system based on Android and Linux, such as Ubuntu, Debian, or Raspberry. Biard single is already available in online store on $ 15


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